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Ways To Avoid Getting Sick When You Fly

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | June 6th, 2017

Summer is here and many of us have the all important family vacation planned. If your plans involve an airplane you may want to pay attention to the following ways to make sure you don’t pick up a cold or flu and avoid getting sick on your next flight. While planes have improved over the years with ventilation, there are still some things you can do each time you fly that will help you to stay healthy.

Avoid Getting Sick…Stay Well Hydrated

You have probably noticed when you fly how dry the air seems on the plane. You might find yourself extra thirsty and your mouth dry after a long flight. Fact is most planes can have less than 15% humidity which is the level needed to keep your nasal passages moist. When your nose gets dry, your body’s natural defense against airborne bacteria is reduced. So what can you do to help your body out? Drink a bottle of water before you get on the flight and make sure you bring one on the flight with you. Remember, by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

Keep Your Nose On Duty

Drinking bottled water helps keep your body hydrated. However, you can take things a step further in helping your body protect itself while on the airplane. Before you fly head over to the store and pick up a bottle of saline nasal mist solution. Keep your nose hydrated with the mist and you will be helping your body to trap any airborne bacteria and get it out of your system before it can make you sick.

Who’s Sitting Next To You

While you can’t really control who sits next to you or your family, you can be on the look out when boarding. If you happen to notice someone sneezing or coughing within 2 rows of you, look for opportunities to move. Is there an opportunity to volunteer for an exit row or closer to the bathroom. Although it may feel weird to you, its not a bad idea to travel with a face mask so that you can pull it out to protect yourself if need be.

Wipe Down

You know that little pack of disinfecting wipes you carry with you? Why not take them out and wipe down arm rests, TV touch screens and other flat surfaces. You don’t know what the passenger before you was like, what they touched and what they placed in the seat pocket, so don’t put your stuff in there. Although the airlines do clean the plane between flights, they don’t disinfect.

Open The Vent

Although the air from the vent may seen cool at times, the air coming out is filtered and the best quality air available on the plane. If there is some lingering germs in the air, the air vent blast can help to move germs away from you.
Use the above tips to give you and your family the best chance to avoid getting sick and stay healthy so you can enjoy your summer vacation this year!

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