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Lupus – What Is It?

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May has been defined as the National Lupus awareness month. Lupus is a disease that arises within connective tissues of the body, where the immune system starts to attack the tissues and organs. Since this is an inflammatory disease, it would cause an inflammation within your body as well. From the recent studies, it has been identified that lupus is more prevalent among women than men. This is not a contagious disease, so you cannot compare it with other deadly diseases such as HIV and cancer. However, Lupus has attacked a considerable percentage of the world population and around 1.5 million Americans suffer from it.

Skin issues can be considered as the most common symptoms associated with Lupus. In fact, the patients will have to suffer from rashes that appear around nose and checks. These rashes occur in the form of red colored circles. The degree of these rashes could get worsen when exposed to sun. On the other hand, inflammation and immune problems can also be Lupus symptoms. For example, people might have to experience arthritis as a result of this health condition. The other symptoms include blood disorder, neurological disorder, problems with kidneys and inflammation around heart and lungs.

The exact cause behind Lupus is still unknown. However, healthcare experts strongly believe that genes play a major role behind the development of this health condition. That’s because members of the same family have a higher chance of getting infected. In addition, it has been identified that people who belong to several ethnic groups also have a higher chance of getting it. It is believed that the specific genes that they have in common are responsible for the above mentioned fact. A person can also get infected with Lupus due to several other reasons. Severe emotional distress, injuries, infections, antibiotics and UV rays are some examples to prove the above mentioned fact.

Many different treatment plans are available for the people who are infected with Lupus. Usually a treatment plan consists of several prescriptions. The main objective of such a treatment plan is to reduce inflammation that takes place within the body. As a result, your immune system would stop attacking healthy organs and tissues. Since many different medications are associated with the treatment, it is always better to keep track of all the medications that you receive. Then your doctor will be able to handle the treatments without any stress.

Lupus has become a major health issue in the world. As a result, the Lupus foundation in America spends a large amount of money in order to find a reliable treatment option for it. In fact, they are trying to figure out a better treatment without using all the medications that can be found out there in the world. In addition, they are working hard to figure out the exact reason behind Lupus, so that they can treat it in an effective manner.

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