What is Heat exhaustion?

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Heat exhaustion is simply your body overheating. Some of the symptoms may include heavy sweating, a rapid pulse, lightheaded, nausea and even feeling cool with goose bumps. It is one of three heat-related sicknesses, with heat cramps being very mild and heatstroke being the most serious.

What’s the cause of Heat exhaustion?

When your body’s core temperature rises above 98.6 F (37 C) due to a hot environment because your body fails to cool itself. Our bodies cool itself by sweating and in hot and humid weather, your body struggles to cool itself efficiently. Other causes besides strenuous activities and hot weather include dehydration, alcohol use, or overdressing in clothes causing your body to hold the heat like insulation.

How can I prevent Heat exhaustion?

There are several ways to prevent heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. By dressing appropriately for the climate we allow our bodies to sweat and cool itself naturally. Always make sure you have enough water to drink. If our body stays hydrated it will allow use to sweat expelling heat and cooling our temperature. Remember to take it easy and always take note of your body in extreme climates to prevent feeling ill.

Are there any risk factors of heat exhaustion?

Age can add extra risks of heat exhaustion also. We need to pay extra attention to those under the age of 4 and over 65 as their bodies tend to not regulate temperature as well. Other risk factors include medications, obesity, rapid temperature changes and a high heat index. Pay attention to your local weather station and use caution when necessary.

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